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As part of the Vision Zero Action Plan the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) started a pilot program, which allows the citi to test and evaluate Vehicle Safety Technologies that are used to track and promote safe driving in TLC-licensed vehicles.

DataTrack274 as an approved vendor, can provide its customers with approved vehicle safety technologies that meet the TLC’s operational and security standards. With thousands of satisfied clients and over 17 years experience in fleet management applications, Datatrack247 has been tailoring the most desirable and efficient system that will comply with the VST program’s regulations.

For an affordable price, DataTrack247 provides customers with state-of-the-art GPS tracking, telemetry, and two-way communication systems designed to achieve the highest standards of safety, control and delivery.

DataTrack247 offers GPS based fleet management solutions that are geared and tailored for the specific needs of your industry. The Fleet Management Systems provide real time 24/7 tracking, telemetry, dispatching and route efficiency applications that will produce guaranteed results. Also the technologies has been assisting customers to reduce overhead, cut excess spending while increasing productivity and end-customer loyalty as well as arming your business with the utmost accessible and user-friendly management tools.

As a service provider that has been based out of New York City for the past years and in an efforts to support the Vision Zero Action Plan, Datatrack247 now offers cutting edge driver behavior technology that records speed, location, braking, acceleration, and lateral movement of a vehicle over time.


Datatrack247 Systems Offers:

  • Pin point positioning of vehicles at any given time.
  • Telemetry- Field data, speed, travel direction, stops/deliveries/ passengers pick up and drop offs, transmitted directly into your computer station.
  • Approved and secured two-way text messaging (pre-set and free text).
  • Voice over text messaging application.
  • Smart GPS movement sensors indicating idling/stop time of vehicle, location and duration. Report generator provides detailed information of travel time, job execution, deliveries made, and route efficiency.
  • Added sensors assist in fleet/asset management detecting drivers activities, pick-ups, drop-offs, excessive speeding, engine overheat, and more.
  • Driver Behaviour monitoring and scoring analysis.
  • Active  Driving Violation alerts system.